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These two know how to dress it up and they sure as hell know how to smolder the camera without trying. You kept doing the movement for a good five minutes or so before KJ pushed you off of him and stood up. Buffy lesbian porn. He stayed kissing your tits a little longer than you thought and then you felt his tongue slightly brush your right nipple. Archie andrews naked. I giggle breathlessly and run my fingers through his cooper locks.

Weatherbee would get a slight reprieve for a number of issues from Archie's hijinks Archie's Dad had it rough during this timebut Betty and Veronica would make up for it, as he became the target of their solo story mishaps. Obsessing over literature and Star Wars. I press a kiss to his cheek before heading upstairs to his bathroom. He looked around the house for his pants, spotting them just near the left of the living room just next to the front door and swiped them, still naked from the bottom half and aware that Archie was only just behind the door, the window frosted but still visible.

I dig my nails deeper into his back. The new sensation brings me over my edge as I explode onto his cock. Blonde pussy cum. I seriously might kill him. You going to the game tonight? I hear someone come in and sit down at my booth. His thumb grazes across my clit while he continues to pump his fingers in and out of me. The boys continue their argument, in a different way, and resolve their differences.

I sucked on my thumb innocently and made sure to make direct eye contact with Archie as I did so. Archie Andrews x reader Summery: Of course this was just your luck.

He lays on top of me, completely wrecked. Recently Archie had been acting really distant towards you and as his girlfriend, you felt sad about it. What am I reading again? They all said their hellos to you and you felt Cole smirking at you. Looking at this I wonder if he influenced Bob Burden's work Originally posted by casssaroleee. I'm all of a sudden thirsty. He moves my hand back and pulls his boxers all the way down.

I know you want it. Big tits cum inside. Laying in her bed under an archway of fairy lights.

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He started to pump it in and out and had to squeeze your eyes shut to not show him how you enjoyed it. Naked girls boobs pics. I heard my phone ding again, I flop onto my bed in just my underwear and open my messages. I remember this scene SO well. More so, his dick likes it.

I blushed a deep red and leaned up next to the booth.

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And Weatherbee wouldn't miss a girls water polo match for the world Jughead throws his head back as I pick up the speed. I once thought the only person who could naturally glow was Jennifer Lopez, but now I know I was wrong. Archie andrews naked. The heads bumped, and Reggie nearly came undone.

Check, check, and check! You picked up an empty beer bottle and placed it on the center of the table. He had been a friend with you ever since you had moved across the street from him when you were about 13 years old. Archie threw a blanket over us and laid flat against me. Best nude ass. He called you monkey almost more than he called you by name, because you, much like a baby monkey does, never wanted to let go of him, clinging for cuddles at any chance you got.

She called and said that she was a few months pregnant and that the baby was mine. His pants were still binding his knees; he bent slightly over the bench as he tried to fix them.

He just hummed against your pussy and inserted a finger in you and curled it to rub against your g-spot. He starts to walk to the front door. Kind of, but it's not like you can tell KJ to tone it down a notch in the hotness department.

You kept your legs closed until the skirt was just a piece of clothing around your waist. As much grief as Betty and Veronica had made for him lately, this was one time when his wolf persona really got him into trouble!

Kevin doesn't believe Archie to be the complete 'straight boy' that he proclaims to be. I smile up at him, my boyfriend, who was about to make love to me. He smiles into my chest. Nude girls in bali. Archie Andrews Perfect timing. I place a kiss on his cheek and head into my classroom. Archie was now face fucking you, forcing his cock so deep that you were choking on it. Archie slapped my ass in response.

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The second the door closed he put me down and we raced to get upstairs to his bedroom, losing pieces of clothes along the way. Archie carried me up the stairs to his bedroom and I giggled the entire way. I sat up on the couch and cuddled up close to Archie. Hot girl touching pussy. It had been a couple of days ever since the little fight you and Archie had in the playground, when Pop asked you to help around the shop for the day.

You never expected to wake up the next day still wrapped in his arms and tangled and in his sheets. He tasted a hint of salt and another musky flavor that was unfamiliar to him, lapping away something viscous and slick from the head of his cock.

I knew I had control over him again. Getting frustrated about almost crying for such a stupid thing, you turned around to walk back to the cafeteria and forget about the whole pointless thing. There was a sudden amount of sexual tension between us. Porn lesbian cougar You were now feeling how your wetness was spreading through your panties and you needed Archie to give you a release.

As soon as we reach the top, Archie picks me up and pulls me in for a kiss.

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